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Tom Scott - Hilldrop (SKR06 12" EP)

by Tom James Scott and Tom Scott

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Following on from the sun-bleached, decayed atmospheres of Scott's previous 2016 release 'The Carousel' (SKR05), 'Hilldrop' brings together four pieces for piano, FM synth, finger cymbals, autoharp, and clock chime.

Recorded in different domestic settings between 2011 and 2016, the four tracks vary in structure and intensity, yet remain united by a common sense of stillness and a lightness of touch familiar to much of Scott's solo and collaborative work.

Originally planned as a double 7”, 'Hilldrop' is presented here as a single 12” cut at 45rpm and comes packaged in brown paper inner sleeves with a hand finished wrap-around cover designed by Tom Scott.

Composed and recorded by Tom Scott.
Autoharp on 'Dewpoint' played by Kristina Liulia.
Mastered by Sean McCann.

Edition of 150 copies.