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Tom James Scott - Nocturnes (SKR07 tape+download card)

by Tom James Scott and Tom Scott

£8.00 / Sold Out

'Nocturnes' is a collection of twelve solo piano pieces recorded in May 2015 by Tom James Scott. Drawing inspiration from the “nighttime language” of Anna Kavan's Sleep Has His House and the (often starlit) nature writings of Kenneth Rexroth, 'Nocturnes' further explores the shadowy terrain between lyrical and abstract modes of expression that has formed a common thread throughout much of Scott's solo work to date.

Available in cassette and digital formats, 'Nocturnes' is presented here as a C41 chrome cassette with an extended j-card. Each copy is then housed in a double sided 260gsm card slipcase featuring four different inner print designs and comes with a printed download card. Limited to 100 copies.

Recorded May 2015.
Mastered by Sean McCann.
Artwork by Andrew Chalk.
Design by Tom James Scott.