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Svitlana Nianio - Lisova Kolekciya *ART EDITION* (SKR08 Special Edition LP)

by Svitlana Nianio

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*Please note images shown are sample images only. Each edition features a unique, signed painting by Andrew Chalk and will be chosen at random from the selection of 75. All special editions come complete with the standard edition LP+download card.

*If you would like the item sent Signed For please write a note on your order and we will invoice you for the extra cost.

Album: Lisova Kolekciya

Svitlana Nianio has been active in the Ukrainian and Polish underground music scenes since the early '90's both as a solo artist and a prominent member of the now disbanded avant-rock outfit Cukor Bila Smert (Sugar White Death). Her music draws on aspects of modern composition and traditional Slavic music, with songs and experiments from that early period culminating in the 1999 album Kytytsi (Koka Records, Poland). Prior to that in 1995, Nianio recorded Lisova Kolekciya (Forest Collection) live in a simple home studio setting with Olexander Yurchenko and Konstantin Nazarenko.

Less indebted to folk tradition than Kytytsi, Lisova Kolekciya was performed using Casio keyboards, electronics, and voice, positioning itself more inline with Terry Riley's Shri Camel in its otherworldly reinterpretation of the ancient through modern means. Retaining aspects of traditional music in its use of spare instrumentation and haunting vocal melodies, this largely unknown album pushes at the edges of what folk music might be, resulting in music previously described as being "deeply rooted in primeval myths, creating a world of magic realism, in which the temporal dimension and the other world constantly move and permeate."

Issued here officially for the first time after an extremely limited private cassette edition handed out to friends in 1996 - where the recording was twinned with the album Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhi (Know How? Tell Me) - Lisova Kolekciya comes packaged in a full colour offset printed sleeve featuring artwork by Svitlana Nianio and is limited to 300 copies. 75 copies are housed in special edition thick board slip-cases handmade at Faraway Press and are available to order direct from the label only. Each edition features a unique and original painting made my Andrew Chalk to reflect the album and to compliment the standard edition cover artwork aesthetically. Letterpress texts and de-bossing techniques feature throughout the design.


Recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, 1995. Svitlana Nianio: Casio MT-200, voice, texts, Olexander Yurchenko: Casio CTK-200, Konstantin Nazarenko: recording engineer, sound effects. Digital master by Sean McCann, 2017. Artwork by Svitlana Nianio. Design by Andrew Chalk and Tom James Scott. Special thanks to Sergii Khotiachuk.

Label: Skire
Catalogue Number: SKR08
Edition: 300 copies (225 standard edition & 75 special edition copies)
Year: 2017